Style Sport Shaper Slimming Body Women Camisole

Style Sport Shaper Slimming Body

 Women Camisole

Coated on all sides: for Breast Ultra flexible nylon spandex top surface and experience the ultra-soft, ultra-tight plastic coating power. U.S. abdomen tight waist: the waist on both sides of the abdomen to strengthen groove design, his tight waistline. Breast care to mention chest: chest Xiongxing care lines, make the chest more beautiful! Crossover fashion: back crossover design, the wild to be a fashion queen, cross the most breathable mesh with the Ministry, will not feel stuffiness in the hot summer! T can be used with other types of clothing, shaping and wild

Material : Spandex / Nylon
Colour : Black
Size : M-L ( Waist 64cm ~ 77cm , Hip 87cm ~ 100cm )


Shisei Up Style Sport Shaper Slimming Body Women Camisole 12057

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