Mistine Professional BB Brightening Body Lotion


RM16 -150ml

Pos laju RM6 (WM), RM9 (EM)

Mistine BB Brightening Body Lotion new model will help your skin look clear transparent body. Smooth and essentially immediately. Jacobsen implementation techniques on the art camouflage face to body. Along and help merge the skin perfectly. Enhance the skin with a healthy complement to your skin, more body without pain, low risk does not need to be inject able accelerate white. The success of the skin surface to body

~ A protective skin-lightening fluid to shields against broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays, pigment discolorations and premature aging due to environmental exposure

~ not just foundations, but the slick surface Olchaen protect the skin from sunlight
~ hide wrinkles and dark spots and dark melancholy
~ skin silky white body look like a natural crystal clear
~ to maintain healthy skin
~ Olchaen to permeate the skin faster. Not dirty clothes
~ toning the skin to reveal soft crystal clear healthy skin with the Korean celebritie


The Mistine Professional BB Brightening Body Lotion comes in a very pretty light pearl pink bottle and contains 150ml (I think there are other sizes available, too). It smells really nice, a fresh fruity scent which also lingers for a good amount of time.
Overall a cute and good body lotion with a lovely smell. It´s not overly outstanding or special though but I think I would repurchase this.
However Mistine has so many nice lotions to try out I´d probably buy other things first.

I'm so interested in buying this too! I really needed something to lighten up my arms and hands because I always forget to put ss on them in the summer :/ Now my face is way whiter than the rest of my body T-T But I'm sad that it didn't really make a difference and turned out to be a regular lotion :/

i should probably try this...my arms and chest/body is a shade darker than my face because i would put ss only on face/neck and forget to put ss on my arms -_-;;;

(MUST TRY) Superfine Nano Facial Towel

Superfine Nano Facial Towel 

Attached Image Attached Image 

RM5.00 ONLY!!!

Size : 24 x 24cm

❤ Made using superfine nanometer materials which are 250 times thinner than a hair strand.
❤ Able to penetrate pores while cleaning face.
❤ Said to be able to remove blackheads as well.


 i wan write the comment for Superfine Nano Face Towel

so far me, my bro and my cousin try tis towel already.

this towel look like normal towel but it work great. thumbup.gif
after clean my face and use this wipe over my face.
the towel can visible seen dark which is dirt from my face. rclxms.gif
and my face also tone after using this towel without using the cucumber toner. rclxm9.gif
feel great.. 

and for my cousin which is fat size and the neck is black. sweat.gif sweat.gif 

this towel really work for her and can c the whole towel from white to black. shocking.gif
this towel really great and i will order from you soon

QUOTE(andrienne @ Feb 3 2009, 11:36 PM)

i already used the microfibre cloth and it could still wipe off dirt from my neck

 and under chin area even when i have already used my grainy cleansing gel to

 remove makeup and after cleaning it the second time with normal cleanser. 

now i realise how 'dirty' i have been -.-""

QUOTE(patches @ Feb 5 2009, 06:49 PM)

Superfine nano cloth

My rating? 9 out of 10! It's SUPERB, AFFORDABLE, & FABULOUS! I wore super 

heavy make up today and suffered open pores with dirt inside (eew!). One swipe 

of the cloth really took off the disgusting stuff in my pores, leaving it clean.

 Really worth buying. smile.gif I recommend!

Quote(bearer of truth @ Jun 4 2009, 03:04 AM)

superfine nano face towel- somehow ^^... i can't see the effect,

but a friend who use it can see is really effective in removing dirt n oil from face O_O..
Quote(lolly4baby @ Jun 14 2009, 03:30 PM)

ady use my nano towel.
and suddenly i feel like im snow white..

i feel "putih"..   :hyper: 

and my pores just gone with the wind..
Quote=(alyssa_cha @ May 4 2010, 11:08 PM)

hi, just receive ur items today in good condition :)

and i just wanna give my review for superfine nano face towel..it really works! 

my sister loves it! 

her face is full or acne...when she used the towel, the towel immediately turns 


now her face feel super clean! hahaha. thank you for the product :)


Attached Image Attached Image 

Attached Image Attached Image 

RM8.00 ONLY!!!


Say Goodbye to your cracked foot skin.
Foot file for smooth and beautiful feet. 
Help you to get rid of the callus and dead skin causes by shoes, especially high-wheel shoes abrasion, make your feet as soft as the baby’s.
The 135 stainless steel micro files gently remove the callus and dead skin.
Emery pad for finishing, make the skin more soft and delicat.
Specially designed, the case will keep all the shavings so there will be no mess when you use it.
Egg shape, just fit your palm, convenient to take and us.

Size : 105mm x 50mm




* 3 in 1 = moisturizing + prevent + refine aging.


* this item is being supplied to many popular beauty saloon in Taiwan.

* many pop stars do this treatment in beauty saloon for few hundreds cost, but of course they have beauticians to serve them.

*with such a low cost, you can enjoy pop star's luxury from your own house.

* use this to cure dryness, moisturize, brighten lips texture and reduce fine lines.

Direction for use: Apply the mask onto the lips for about 20-30 minutes. Then remove it and gently massage to let the essense absorbed completely. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week, it can be use daily if you need it. Each piece of mask is only for 1 time usage, please do not re-use it.



~ Please note before purchasing: This section is attached to the chest pad. ~~

Crazy hot women in Ahh of Bra adjustable underwear in 2012 the new Europe and the United States, and adjustable bra, underwear, body sculpting underwear
underwear function of the main support to prop up the chest, to confront the enormous gravity uncle "attractive", and shape the beautiful rounded breast shape, with the underwear you in the chest to adjust to the right position to reach the most perfect golden ratio. 

Election right bra can high in Rufeng, fixed in the correct position to create three-dimensional issued thoracic curve. Do not think the bra like appearance, choose the wrong words, but will destroy the chest line. ! 

Crazy selling this in Europe and America Ahh of Bra Women adjustable underwear
Commodity characteristics               

 seamless pullover, no buckles 
 prevent armpit cleavage and back fat exposed, and squeeze out the ugly three-meat
 supporting the entire chest, feeling comfortable and stable 
 V-neck, wide shoulder strap is not easy to slide and avoid spaghetti straps dent formed in the shoulder too much of the fall force
◆ perfect obedient to your curves
◆ easy to clean, washing machine, dryer safe

Enhance the chest, to improve the lines, do now invincible figure.

Before use and after use very different series to enhance the extraordinary self-confidence.

The following is a product package diagram:

BlackM12 115 - Black-MRM29.00
BlackL12 115 - Black-LRM29.00
BlackXL12 115 - Black - XLRM29.00
BlackXXL12 115 - Black-XXLRM29.00
BlackXXXL12 115 - Black-XXXLRM29.00
Light coffeeM12 115 - Coffee-MRM29.00
Light coffeeL12 115 - light coffee-LRM29.00
Light coffeeXL12 115 - Coffee-XLRM29.00
Light coffeeXXL12 115 - light coffee-XXLRM29.00
Light coffeeXXXL12 115 - Coffee-XXXLRM29.00


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