Armpit Sweat Absorbent Pads

Japanese Armpit Pad (Underarm Pad)

❤ Ultra-thin, Deodorant fiber used

❤ Compactly shaped pad, Easy for using

❤ Effective for making smooth armpitskin

❤ Can be used with sleeveless dress

Designed for both men and women, each one of these purchases contains one pair of quality self-adhesive disposable sweat pads.

Armpits tend to sweat more during summer, swating not only makes you feel sticky, but also contaminated clothing, especially colored clothing.
Sweat-absorbent paper that is affixed to the location of clothes under the armpits, effectively absorb sweat, keep dry and comfortable feeling.

Your pads are easily applied to the underarm of your dress, blouse, shirt, jacket or top and will hold soundly for as long as you wear the garment.


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