~ Please note before purchasing: This section is attached to the chest pad. ~~

Crazy hot women in Ahh of Bra adjustable underwear in 2012 the new Europe and the United States, and adjustable bra, underwear, body sculpting underwear
underwear function of the main support to prop up the chest, to confront the enormous gravity uncle "attractive", and shape the beautiful rounded breast shape, with the underwear you in the chest to adjust to the right position to reach the most perfect golden ratio. 

Election right bra can high in Rufeng, fixed in the correct position to create three-dimensional issued thoracic curve. Do not think the bra like appearance, choose the wrong words, but will destroy the chest line. ! 

Crazy selling this in Europe and America Ahh of Bra Women adjustable underwear
Commodity characteristics               

 seamless pullover, no buckles 
 prevent armpit cleavage and back fat exposed, and squeeze out the ugly three-meat
 supporting the entire chest, feeling comfortable and stable 
 V-neck, wide shoulder strap is not easy to slide and avoid spaghetti straps dent formed in the shoulder too much of the fall force
◆ perfect obedient to your curves
◆ easy to clean, washing machine, dryer safe

Enhance the chest, to improve the lines, do now invincible figure.

Before use and after use very different series to enhance the extraordinary self-confidence.

The following is a product package diagram:

BlackM12 115 - Black-MRM29.00
BlackL12 115 - Black-LRM29.00
BlackXL12 115 - Black - XLRM29.00
BlackXXL12 115 - Black-XXLRM29.00
BlackXXXL12 115 - Black-XXXLRM29.00
Light coffeeM12 115 - Coffee-MRM29.00
Light coffeeL12 115 - light coffee-LRM29.00
Light coffeeXL12 115 - Coffee-XLRM29.00
Light coffeeXXL12 115 - light coffee-XXLRM29.00
Light coffeeXXXL12 115 - Coffee-XXXLRM29.00

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