[Genuine] ~ Wakilala underarm whitening Concealer Deodorant Stick 25g

Product Description : HI Day recommend that you try ★ ☆ Secret Garden series [Wakilalla armpit to go out dedicated】
Long-lasting whitening concealer atmosphere balm ~ exudes the scent of lavender & mint fragrance. ★ ☆ containing Body composition attentive care of you every inch of skin!
Sensitive underarm skin, it is best to be able to use the armpit of a dedicated cleaning supplies, gentle texture to the underarm skin.

★ Do not doubt is the series of products. ★ 
"- the Pace Melitta" 
TVBSG woman - Pauline Lan - My biggest & Niu Er teacher " 
strongly recommend a series of products!
  thank TVBS News / Dongfeng 37 - Hou Pei Ling-FASHION NEWS /'s News / Next Magazine /Secret Garden series of exclusive interview reported in the Star Daily News / Money magazine to the Hi Japan ~~ ★ ☆ [Wakilalla armpit to go out to the dedicated] long-term whitening concealer atmosphere balm ~ exudes the scent of lavender & mint fragrance! 
☆ to go out, let you anytime, anywhere, show of hands cephalopods are full of infinite charm yo ~ ~~
● rich armpit Body composition, including five major characteristics:
The axillary clean ingredients with and similar to the composition of the female hormone, Pula with the epididymis Tong. 
(2) Sweat-absorbent containing powder to absorb excess oil, inhibition of the armpits sticky and wet conditions, but also inhibit the odor, 
natural herbs to join, so that the odor is no longer annoying problem, we know that? Sweat glands which secrete sweat containing fat and protein to bad bacteria to break down the surface of the skin, the body's natural defense mechanisms, it will become annoying odor, so this special by adding natural lavender essential oil, the integration out the scent of lavender and mint ~ 
for a dull complexion and maintenance to make armpit bright color showing natural skin. 
Formation and smooth skin is not flat at tight skin, covered with black hair little hole!
● uses features] ● 
1. polish effect, cool mint aroma can inhibit sweat, sebum, sweaty 
armpits clean ingredients with similar composition of the female hormone, Pula epididymis Tong with. 
. Sweat-absorbent containing powder to absorb excess oil, inhibiting underarm sticky and wet conditions, but also inhibit odor.
Use : finger picks up the appropriate amount of a thin layer can be coated in the armpit! Note that not to be used immediately after hair removal, so as not to damage the skin. ~ ~
Note :1, first local test whether allergic phenomenon, if not stop using it immediately. 
2, wounds, eczema, swelling and other abnormalities Do not use; swelling, stimulate abnormal use or use suspended. 
3, to avoid stored in direct sunlight. 
Do not put children easily achieved at
Size: 4x4x1.3cm
Can use every day, especially while on the go use, the better to keep cool and comfortable.


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