Five Stages Type Pressing Germa Sleeping Beauty Leg Slim Sock

* Results may vary with individual

Note: If rashes appear, please stop using this product.

Approximate Size: Knee Area: 40 - 50 cm, Calf Area: 30 - 42 cm. 

Material:Nylon 90%, Polyester 5%, and Polyurethane 5%

Wear this like any pants, and adjusting it to the appropriate spot as you put it on.

Matters to be aware:
1. Do not bleach.
2. Hand wash and hang to dry.
3. Do not use a dryer.
4. Do not excessively pull on material to prevent damage to product.
5. Becareful of your nails when wearing, to prevent damage to the product. 


postage fee rm6(sm)/rm9(ss)


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