Nylon, elastic fibers.

Recommendations apply: 

to the office workers which is long time sitting caused protude abdomen

The best use of time: 

Before change clothes, after bathing and before or after exercise. Put on before work, you can change waist 

and abdominal lines, easy heat decoding, sports wear can also accelerate the consumption of calories, if the 

waist feeling unwell, please take off as appropriate.


1) Recommended used not more than 4 to 6 hours, if the physical discomfort, please take off as appropriate.

2) Is recommended below 40 ℃, washed with water and do not use bleach, do not close to the heat and 

sharp objects to avoid damage.

3) Avoid use for wounds or eczema and other skin parts ; pregnancy, heart disease, hypertension, and those 

who have skin disease.

6) Pregnant women, infants may not use this product
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