YILI BALO Chilies slimming cream (250ml)

YILI BALO Chilies slimming cream (250ml) 

PRICE: RM30 postage not included

Helps to break down excess fats, stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the metabolism, help get rid of fats faster. Suitable for all types of skin. Apply to areas with fats, cellulite and anywhere which you think needs some slimming down (e.g. arms, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh). Massage in an upwards direction. 

Note: You will feel a heating sensation 15 mins after applying. Do not use too many times and different people may experience varying degrees of heat due to skin type. If you feel it''s too hot for you to bear, use a cooling agent like aloe Vera gel to cool your skin. 

Ingredients: Natural red pepper oil, natural beeswax, natural ginger extract, seaweed essence, carbopol, tea, EDTA. 

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