Slimming the Socks Health the Anti-calf (Thick and Above Knee)

Slimming the Socks Health the Anti-calf (Thick and Above Knee)

Fabric: Cotton 33% polyester 17% nylon details for 16%, Spandex 2% germanium, titanium, silver,    germanium 100% of the powder fiber and titanium with silver formula to the method of surface coating fabric, the use of human their own body temperature so that the fat and slow-burning, sweat, titanium recipe can enhance the efficacy of assisted germanium, silver formula will break down sweat taste,   

 Color: Black
[Size]: all for feet 34 to 39 yards (22 to 24. 5CM) recommended the calf circumference of 42 the following MM ~~ 

 Prevent the formation of varicose veins and treatment and improve local symptoms, to prevent foot swelling caused due to the long standing, and is particularly suitable for teachers, tour guides, flight attendants and other professional friends wear. With antibacterial deodorant function. Effective prevention and treatment of athlete's foot . effective prevention and treatment of winter foot dry chapped skin . novel style, fashion, beautiful, comfortable and naturalplantar with a massage particle corrugated, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the foot massage to reduce foot fatigue . good shape, the legs Xiutui women's essential goods . after repeated washing does not affect the permeability. The use of 425D nylon, polyester, Lycra and other materials, refined, good ventilation, no jumper, no deviation.

 Suitable for people

 suitable for all kinds of people wear, especially long-term standing, walking, sit-in workers, such as health care workers, teachers, pregnant women, hairdressers, drivers, long-distance fliers, or mobility, the elderly and after surgery for blood circulation The misfits . Because the leg muscles to our everyday movement, do not save the psychology of luck, be sure to properly protect the job. Wearing compression stockings is the best choice, at all times to help you massage, pumping blood return to the heart. 

Long standing workers - due to leg venous blood by the force of gravity affect the accumulation, resulting in a heavy leg fatigue or swelling in the lower half of the serious vein even surfaced (commonly known as floating hamstring), by compression stockings can be successfully will blood squeeze a return to the heart, thus improving the above symptoms. 

Those of long-haul flight - aircraft seats small, narrow space activities, particularly in economy class is more common. At this time visitors of the ankle, knee to the thigh bone only were three ninety degrees of bend, reducing the body's blood flow velocity, because the aircraft air conditioning, air drying, the human body in this environment is very vulnerable to dehydration blood viscosity will be increased, leading to disease. In general, long-haul flights of more than five hours sitting travel, you should wear compression stockings to prevent the occurrence of venous thrombosis. 
During pregnancy women - weight gain, abdominal larger fetus compression of abdominal veins and impede venous return prone to varicose veins, wearing compression stockings not only can prevent varicose veins, reduce leg edema situation.
Older people - less activity, caused by slow blood flow or heart failure, wear compression stockings to promote blood circulation.
After the surgery or burns patients - can effectively promote the growth of new skin wound contraction.
Legs demand - to tighten the leg muscles, beautify the legs curve

, how appropriate wearing compression stockings to get up in the morning , because blood circulation is the most smooth, the swelling has not yet begun; or you can do first leg up ten minutes before wearing. The specific wear on the following steps:
1 compression stockings along the top of valgus, and then put on by foot site, and slowly pull to the heel parts, and then pull the foot and ankle. 
2 finger pull compression stockings edge down the leg pull up, it is important to keep in touch with the calf area, straight pull to the knee Xiachu. 
, Ibid 1-2, the other pressure stockings wearing in the other foot, straight pull to the knee Xiachu.
4, pay attention to wear, the texture along the compression stockings.
5, if wearing all day leg of oppression without reduce the signs of pain or dizziness, may be worn by the product pressure is too large, and should be replaced by the larger models of the product or consult a professional physician.

, How to maintain the pressure socks because socks absorb sweat, so often with a mild soap or mild detergent cleaning , to avoid the strong rotational speed of the washing machine cleaning , you can with both hands, gently rub the soft number , not too much force , so as not to damage the elastic fibers; and then washed with water wash, wash, hanging dry. (Recommended at the same time alternately wearing two pairs above to extend the service life of pressure socks) 
compression stockings drying should note: 
1, drying should be taken to avoid exposure to the sun , very good elastic material containing elastic compression stockings, exposure will affect its service life 
2, drying should pay attention to avoid screw down due to drying below the drip, screw down easily screw at the elastic flooding bad, leading to wear compression stockings population decline

[Size: one size fits all for feet 34 to 39 yards (22 to 24. 5CM) proposed leg 42 below ~

To prevent the formation of varicose veins and treatment and improve local symptoms and prevent long-term standing as a result of foot swelling, especially for teachers, tour guides, flight attendants and other professional friends wear. With anti-bacterial deodorant function. Effective prevention and treatment of athlete's foot. Can effectively prevent and treat dry chapped skin soles of the feet in winter. Style novel, fashion, elegant, comfortable and natural. Foot massage particles with ripples, anytime, anywhere to enjoy foot massage to reduce foot fatigue. modeling is good, legs Xiutui women's essential goods. repeated washing does not affect breathability. With 425D nylon, polyester, Lycra and other materials crafted, ventilation is good, not Jumper, not aliasing.

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